Prof. Kyeyune George

gegProf. George Kyeyune is a graduate artist with degrees from the Margaret Trowell School of Fine Arts( to which he later became Dean of Students for specific period) and the Maharaja Sayajiraho University of Baroda, India.
In 1990 he took up a teaching position in Sculpture at Makarere Art School. In 1999 he received a Commonwealth scholarship for doctoral study in the history of African art at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. His studies focus specifically on changes and developments in Uganda’s visual art in the twentieth century. He is a member of the Ngoma International Artists Workshop.

Prof. George Kyeyune is a sculptor and a Painter. Through his art he explorers the rich and varid ordinary life of rural and urban Uganda. Being fascinated by the way people struggle to earn a living , he finds his source of inspiration in Boda boda drivers, cyclists and market vendors.