Mulondo Patrick

patrickMulondo graduated from Makerere University, where he majored in sculpture modeling, carving and jewelry
making. His sculptures explore recycling metal scrap together with casted fiber glass to give old common
found objects an entirely new and extra ordinary life and purpose, which is uncommon in today’s Ugandan
art scene.
Mulondo participated in making of The Journey Monument, an art piece commemorating Uganda’s Golden
Jubilee in 2012. He was commissioned by the Ugandan Government in the production of Young Achievers
Award in 2011.
His work ‘Sculptural body Adornment 2013’ graces Makerere University’s Guidance and Counseling
Department. Mulondo has also participated in an ongoing group exhibition held at Diani Beach Art Gallery
‘Rebuilding my Identity II’ Mulondo created this piece inspired by the terrible effects of the Lord’s Resistance
Army in Uganda. The people of northern Uganda were badly treated by the LRA, led by Joseph Kony, for over 20 years.
Many of the people there lost their identity; their lips and noses were cut off and people looked at them with a sense of alienation.
The artist created this piece to tell a story of how the people of northern Uganda did whatever they could to rebuild their identity
and become proud to be the northern Ugandan people again following the atrocities of the war.