Maria Naita

maria-naitaMaria Naita is an accomplished multi-media African female artist whose art career almost spans two decades. She has a Masters Degree in Fine Art from Mekerere University, but her work goes way beyond her education, with a masterly of her trade and accomplishments way beyond her age and experience. With several major artwork installations already under her belt its hard to tell where she exhales most, sculpture or painting but which ever media she chooses she is very good at.

Her work is mainly figurative, inspired by her immediate environment, be it, social, economic, religious or even political. The female form takes the centre part, the African woman being her favorite theme.

Basing on her experience; onto canvas, and in wood and metal, she presents life through the “eyes” of an African working woman, mother, wife and as human being in this era, embedded in the a belief that: “there is no better way of showcasing a society’s heritage and culture, or of communicating one’s inner most being than through Art.”