Jude Kateete

jdJude was born in Kampala but was raised in Kayabwe’s bucolic life. Like most boys and girls in rural African settings he made his own toys from found objects such as banana plant stems and scrap wires thereby building his imaginative world as a child and satisfying his natural curiosity in the arts. He is currently a scholar on Eugene Delacroix.

The 2010 and 2011 Controversial Art Exhibitions through the support of The Royal Netherlands Embassy in Kampala enabled Jude to renew himself and to take a new angle of vision beyond the boundaries of his practice thereby changing his footprints into the exploration of the minimalist philosophy “Less is more” through which, in this exhibition “Play time”, he leaves out some details so as to engage the viewer into building a mental picture.

By participating in the Controversial Art Exhibitions he went into a chrysalis phase of his art. It prepared him to jump through the hoops and to look at familiar things in a new way as he kept the faith in painting and faced up to the dilemma of artistic autonomy. He says; “This dilemma was present in my early career as a portrait painter in the instances when i was commissioned to paint portraits and the sitter would object to certain details or lack of them as the work progressed. Now, with boldness, i try to find something simple from the complex by not being scared about leaving out something.”